Read It Again, Baby.

As a Happy Birthday to our One & Only, we remember last spring’s tournament of literary sex writing, hosted by LitHub, in which Giovanni’s Room was voted best erotic passage. « The judges said the passage was chosen « almost unanimously. »

ALMOST? we ask. Okay, he was up against Jeanette Winterton, DH Lawrence and Philip Roth.


To remember it so clearly, so painfully tonight tells me that I have never for an instant truly forgotten it. I feel in myself now a faint, a dreadful stirring of what so overwhelmingly stirred in me then, great thirsty heat, and trembling, and tenderness so painful I thought my heart would burst. But out of this astounding, intolerable pain came joy; we gave each other joy that night. It seemed, then, that a lifetime would not be long enough for me to act with Joey the act of love.

–Giovanni’s Room



Happy birthday, baby.